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When Your Home Needs an Upgrade, You Need Windward Side Electric’s Top Electricians

Old homes weren’t built for the power demands of today’s appliances. Many were made with only minimal appliances and lighting in mind but now, everything is electric. Microwaves, dishwashers, flat TV’s gaming consoles, computers, wi-fi routers, charging phones and tablets, the works. Not to mention having to use various adapters for modern appliances incompatible with ancient two-prong outlets (if you still have them). For over fifteen years, Windward Side Electric has been providing various electrical services, including electrical upgrades in the Kaneohe, Kailua and Waimanalo areas.

Upgrade your home through us and you’ll get the following services:

Safer Wiring According to Electrical Standards – Over 50,000 fires occur in America annually due to electrical malfunctions and many more all over the world, often due to old electrical wiring. The 50K figure is from the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI). That’s an alarming number that cannot be ignored by Kaneohe, Kailua and Waimanalo homeowners with old wiring. To prevent becoming a statistic, electrical wiring must be compliant with modern electrical standards which our licensed electricians can provide. We can foolproof your wiring and upgrade your outlets with safer GCFI enabled ones.

Upgraded Panels – Speaking of standards, older electrical panels are hardly suited to modern electrical requirements. As mentioned, electrical usage back then is very different from today. If you are in an old home or building and your electrical system remains ancient, call for our highly-skilled electricians to upgrade your home as soon as possible. Your panel will be upgraded so that your home can handle today’s higher electrical demands.

Proper Load Distribution – is essential to the modern home and needs to be upgraded for older ones. According to the National Fire Protection Association, most of electrical-related fires in the US is caused by improper load distribution. This usually happens to older homes where rooms get shuffled around and converted for other purposes. Such an instance causes serious strain on the home’s electrical wiring, not to mention the equipment plugged in. You need a professional electrician to calculate proper load and help you properly distribute your electrical load and extend the life of your home and appliances.

Windward Side Electric is the best electrical service provider to call when it comes to electrical upgrades. Call 808-670-1383 to book our services anywhere in the Kaneohe, Kailua and Waimanalo areas or check our website electricalrepairmanoahu.com for more information.


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